Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bits and Bats and Books

Just a few pictures from Christmas and then a little about books.

I do so love the snow, January is now rather bleak and soggy. The previous two pictures were taken in December when heavy snow was falling, my camera, unfortunately didn't pick up the flakes.

Squidge opening her presents on Christmas morn. Can you see her fantastic 'bed-hair', she is always in full 'fluff' in the morning.

Chatterbox opening a present from her Nana and Grandpa. Can you see the white box on the sofa behind? That is a thermometer, we were only just getting over the flu then.

After church we went to my Mum and Dad's house for Christmas dinner. More presents were opened!

After Christmas we visited Hub's brother, wife and two children (including a cute new baby) for new year. Here's Chatterbox and I checking out facebook I think! :)



I'm afraid I've given up on The Three Musketeers. I'm over halfway through and all the characters are still annoying me and I'm yearning for the book to be over. There's never any reason to continue reading a book that is so disagreeable (unless you're at school and you have to!). I would like to read Dumas' The Count of Monte Christo because I loved the film. Cabcree, if you're reading, I seem to remember you really like The Count of Monte Christo book?

Here are a few reasons why I don't like The Three Musketeers personally: 1) D'Artagnan - honestly, he's so 'in love' with Constance Bonacieux, even though he's only spoke about two words to her and she's married; 2) Nobody seems to be able to trip up near another character without being challenged to a duel. So what if bodies line the streets a man's honour is at stake!; 3) Despite D'Artagnan's 'love' for C. Bonacieux he's been romancing 'Milady' and upsetting her servant Kitty who is in love with D'Artagnan - but of course he works hard to keep Kitty in love with him because his ego is so huge; 4) Aramis is apparently a theologian who can't decide if he's to join the church or be a musketeer - of course a big bag of money and a pretty woman with always change his mind from the church...I could go on, but I'm sure I'm boring you. I just cannot put up with these characters. I want to bang their heads together more than I did with Austen's 'Emma'. LOL! :) I suppose a lot of it is supposed to be perhaps tongue-in-cheek, but I don't get the joke, so I give up!

On to the kiddiwink's books:

I was reading The Children of Green Knowe with Chatterbox. Somehow the book has lost a little of its charm for me. Maybe it's because I read the book originally in my early teens after watching the BBC adaptation, which is simply magical: Here is episode 1 on Youtube. The book is good, don't get me wrong, but it isn't an easy read-aloud book. It isn't divided into chapters and is very descriptive. It also raises some theological questions about dead people walking about that maybe you might not want to delve into with your child. I simply explained it was a fantasy to Chatterbox and she seemed to accept that. Also, I was rather amused that Tolly 'saw dead people...walking about like regular people', rather like the child in the film The Sixth Sense. Some children could find it creepy, some adults could find it creepy. But we finished it and she seemed to enjoy it.

But onto more solid jolly good the Famous Five! Chatterbox wanted me to read to her one of the High School Musical books that she'd picked up from the library, and whilst I haven't banned her from reading them I certainly am NOT going to read it to her. "It's trash! I exclaimed." :)

So we compromised and picked up one of the old Famous Five books I'd picked up in our Antiquarian book shop. Oh it's just wonderful to behold!

Lovely old hardback. Smells old and fusty. Super.

Beautifully illustrated.

And with a charming inscription. Funny how Father Christmas's handwriting changes with each family. :)

We've only just started. The joy is, I don't remember this particular Famous Five story. So it's quite an adventure of our own. :)


It's back to school for the girls and back to work and the old routine for me. I was so behind after being ill and then Christmas. But things seem to be back on track. Something always comes up though, life never just smooths along does it? :)

Hope you're having a lovely January. Just remember, Spring is coming! :)


  1. I've never been able to get into to Dumas either. I too love the movie of The Count of Monte Christo.

  2. That sure is England. Brings back fond memories.

  3. We had the same Christmas wrapping paper! I am wanting to read some classics, but I think I'll skip out on Dumas.

    You asked whether Macs really are better than PCs. I think so. Great design and much more user friendly - they are more intuitive and everything just works effortlessly. Also they don't get viruses (different operating system, and require a password before installing anything), so no irritating anti-virus software. Having got used to Macs, I can't imagine going back to PCs.

  4. My children loved the Famous Five books. Actually, so did I as a child!
    What wonderful snowy photos!

  5. I do like the book "The Count of Monte Cristo". Actually, I loved it! But I liked "The Three Musketeers" too. :) lol. I don't like all of Dumas' books though. I've had to give up on a few books over time. I never did finish "Don Quixote". Nor a lot of Austen books. bleh.

  6. Hello, I'm new here, love your blog.
    Beautiful atmospheric snowy street photo.
    Oh - the Famous Five, brings back lovely memories of my youth. I read them all and remember Five go off in a Caravan. Enid Blyton can't be beaten can she? It's such a shame that the reprints are "politically correct" and how lovely that you have found an original for your family. I do wish I had kept all mine.
    Looking forward to visiting again.

  7. Melissa - it's my first Dumas book, maybe I'll skip the others, though I am interested to see if The Count of Monte Cristo is as good as the film.

    Mary - glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    The Bookworm - lol, I bet my Dad would have liked that advice he's really struggling with their new lap tops.

    Elizabeth - I'm loving Famous Five all over again.

    Cabcree - Emma is the only Austen book I've had to stop reading. I might try again sometime.

    Jan - hello, glad to have you visit! I too hate the abridged 'PC-d' modern Famous Five books. We've collected three so far of the older hardbacks. They're wonderful and beautifully illustrated.