Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Thank you so much for your prayers.

I had my ultrasound scan yesterday and praise God my gall bladder, liver and pancreas are fine. So it's just the hiatus hernia that is causing me gyp*.

Brit and NZ slang severe pain; torture his arthritis gave him gyp
[probably a contraction of gee up!; see gee1]

I love words.


My nan isn't improved. Now they think her hip has come out of its socket. It's causing her great pain, she can't sit up now. She could go for an x-ray and then go through the pain of having it reset. But, they believe that the cancer is causing her bones to soften so it would simply pop right out. My nan is terrified of hospitals, so for now they are treating her with pain killers.

My poor granddad is really down about everything, he needs lots of prayer too.

Chatterbox is still sad about losing her best friend, although they do seem to be on speaking terms now. Squidge is doing better at school and hasn't cried when I drop her off at school for three days now. Praise God!

I do have an additional problem that there may be hours cut and even maybe redundancies at work. But I feel peace about that.

I know there's a lot to ask you all to pray for but I would be grateful if you would also keep my husband in your prayers. His knee is playing up. The other day he bent down to pick up something from a shop shelf and it seized up causing him great pain. It's been bothering him for months now.


Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes, it really blesses me and my family. If there's anything you want me to pray for then just ask.



  1. Hope the future days go better for you and your family.
    You are in my prayers.

  2. sound like there is some good in all that. :) will keep praying though. feel bad for all of you and hope things will be fixed soon: either with physical bodies or with friends. :)

  3. So glad to hear your scan was clear, what a relief for you. The stress of worrying won't have helped your stomach problem anyway, stress increases stomach acid.
    You still have much to be concerned about in your family but I hope having the clear scan has helped and you're able to cope better.
    Hugs to you too,
    Eve x

  4. Thanks for the update - glad of your good results - sorry about all the other less cheerful medical reports.
    Has your OH tried one of those heavy-duty pro-sport knee support thingys?? [blue neoprene type fabric] Bob and I have both found them REALLY helpful with knee pain. Just a thought.
    Love to Squidge and Chatterbox too.
    blessings and prayers xx

  5. Joyce - thanks, your prayers mean a lot.

    Cabcree - thanks so much!

    Eve - lol, yes stress always seems to affect my stomach first! :)

    Angela - hubs has a few knee supports that he's used over the years. This particular knee has always played up, it's just recently it's had time when it seems to collapse under him and he's in great pain. The supports do help though. Thanks for your prayers too.

    Hugs to you all.

  6. At least some things are looking better. I'll keep praying for all your concerns.

  7. Glad your gall-bladder is OK. I had mine removed.....wish I had it back. It was healthy and taken out in the process of looking for the real problem. I stopped drinking coffee for a while and my tummy healed.

  8. Hang in there. God will get you through.