Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The first frost

Some leaves hang late, some fall
before the first frost--so goes
the tale of winter branches and old bones.
William Carlos Williams (1883-1963)

Today we had our first frost. The sky is blue and clear. The weather forecast earlier in the week that today would be clear cold weather and my first thought was, "Ooh I will wash my bedding then". I'm easily pleased. My mum and I get inordinately excited about hanging washing outside. You can hang laundry out in freezing weather, it will get stiff as a board but when you bring it indoors it dries very quickly.

I love Autumn. :)

I keep spying this bucket outside, it's been there since hubs last washed the car. I think very soon wildlife will be spawning in it! ;)

Now I need to go and tackle the bedrooms.

Have a lovely day.

Jack Frost took his paintbrush
as he sailed across the sky
so every morning as the sun comes up
his artwork greets the eye
there's reds and gold's and yellows
all of a breath taking view
but no matter how hard he tries
he can never make leaves turn blue
so when you're in bed sleeping
and outside everything seems faint
just remember at midnight
Jack Frost begins to paint

by Carl Jesse


  1. OOOOO...I love wash hanging out to dry...lucky you! :) Someday I will get my clothesline! :D

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  2. Oh my! What beautiful photos you have captured. Well, except for the yucky stuff in the bucket. (o; LOL

  3. It's freezing down here too. Thick ice on the car this morning, and minus two when I came out of band practice tonight.

  4. I love WCW and the verse you chose is wonderful.

    Love your laundry photo.

  5. This morning TV showed snow near us. It is about the time for it.

  6. Yes, frost here too this week.
    I love hanging washing out!
    Eve x (in the UK)