Saturday, 9 October 2010

I'm like a proper mum today

You know you're a proper mum when you get up and make bread and pancakes. :) Some laundry is outside and some is in the dryer - due to dubious clouds lurking above.

It's rather satisfying to do something homey rather than tearing about the place like a headless chicken.

Right now my eldest is rolling about on the floor and annoying the cat.

My youngest is writing a book.

I love lazy weekends.

It was our wedding anniversary on Thursday. Ten years together. We went out for a meal yesterday, which was lovely. Just the two of us. It's not often we get to go out as a couple with no kiddiwinks in tow.

Ten years is tin. Hubs got me a can of beans as a present. Ho ho. Only kidding, he didn't really. The meal out was our present and we exchanged cards. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but I really did marry a lovely wonderful man. {{Hugs to the hubster}}

My Mum and Dad bought us a funny card.

But the joke was on my Mum when she realised that she'd bought us a birthday card and not an anniversary card! LOL

That made me giggle.

Hope you're having a gradely weekend.

A Gradely Prayer - C.A. Clarke 1922

Give us, Lord, a bit o’ sun,
A bit o’ wark, an’ a bit o’ fun.
Give us aw in th’ struggle an’ splutter,
Eaur daily bread – an’ a bit o’ butter.

Give us health, eaur keep to make,
An’ a bit to spare for poor folk’s sake;
Give us sense, for we’re some of us duffers,
An’ a heart to feel for them that suffers.

Give us, too, a bit of a song,
An’ a tale an’ a book to help us along;
An’ give us eaur share o’ sorrow’s lesson
That we may prove heaw grief’s a blessin’.

Give us, Lord, a chance to be
Eaur gradely best, brave, wise, an’ free;
Eaur gradely best for eaursels an’ others,
Till all men larn to live as brothers.


  1. Sounds like a perfect, cosy and productive day! And I must beg to differ....I'm *sure* you are like a proper mum EVERYDAY! (o;

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    And how funny that she bought you a birthday card instead of anniversary. LOL One year my mom and Grandmother bought me the same exact birthday card. What made it REALLY funny is that my mom bought the same exact card the next year. She must have *really* like that card! LOL (o;

  2. Aww thanks Michele! {{hugs}} Your mom and grandmother obviously have the same taste. Lol that your mom bought you the same card twice.

    Mrs Mobunny, it's a great card isn't it! ;)

  3. That windy/thursday/cuppa joke is one of my favourites. Congratulations - and many more happy years together
    blessings xx

  4. Oh what a beautiful post and time. Mothers can do some great things even if not exactly right. That was a perfect card. God Bless

  5. Oh what a beautiful post and time. Mothers can do some great things even if not exactly right. That was a perfect card. God Bless

  6. Before I forget, Happy Anniversary.

    Now - I wanna say our girls are often so much alike it is scary. One of C's favorite character names for girls in her stories is Rose (her other favorite name is Lucy - go figure).


  7. Thanks ladies.

    Melissa - she always chooses Rose as her name in games of pretend. It's strange because we don't know anyone called Rose. I wondered if she got it from Dr Who.


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