Monday, 4 October 2010

Enough with the Gloom and Doom!

Hopefully this will the the last 'woe-is-me' type post and I can write light hearted, inspiring, life-enhancing posts again...ahem [just biggin' myself up there].

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I had an Upper-G.I. endoscopy (gastroscopy) today. I've had one before, which I hated. I hated it so much - due to the retching and gagging that's involved - that I tried to get out of having another one. So my doctor referred me for a second opinion, who said that I needed a gastroscopy. Herrumph.

So today was The Day. It was the usual trauma, lol. The throat spray to numb my throat made me gag and panic. I'd opted for a sedative because, as I helpfully relayed to the consultant, I am likely to try to do a runner during the procedure because anything down my throat in my mouth makes me panic - and and by the way I don't like needles. I'm a delightful patient, I really am.

So in between trying not to faint as they failed to find a useful vein as blood is running off my hand and then me grabbing hold of the consultant's hands as he tries to get on with the procedure ("Can you get hold of her hands I can't do this whilst she's holding my hands"), they actually managed to somehow get the camera down my throat.

They were a patient medical team and very good (despite all the holes in my hand now).

Anyway, the upshot is I have a hiatus-hernia. I also have to have an ultrasound scan to look at my gall bladder (not sure why). I'm just relieved it's nothing major.

The sedative was amusing though. My Mum said I looked like a zombie.


  1. I had a lower and upper GI at the same time so they put me...out (is that a good way to say that) so no gagging here. but I'm with you. I'd be gagging. needles I can handle. so long as the person knows what they are doing. :) ooo...and had the gall bladder thingy done. they wanted to take mine out. no way. I'm keeping it.

  2. I'm the very same way about gagging and people putting things in my mouth, TOTAL PANIC! Glad you got through it okay and that nothing serious is wrong. (o:

  3. I don't think I would like going what you went through either...putting things down your throat...yuk! I'm thankful there is nothing serious is wrong. (My Mom has a hiatus-hernia.) I'm praying for your grandparents. Take care... :)

  4. That procedure is terrible to go thru, Hernia is not too bad. I have had mine for at least 20 years. I hate being agreeable to all these tests. I have gotten good at saying NO.
    The best advocate for a patient is the patient. Look for all the information you can find and then decide what is going to happen.

  5. Ugh....I hope they provide you with a treatment that will make you feel better!!

  6. Ewww! That sounds horrible. I hope the hernia isn't giving you too much trouble.