Sunday, 17 October 2010

Because I like to complicate things.

I iz scared K, I�ll come out for cookie.
Lol, I had to add this picture!

Most of my readers here are long time faithful bloggy friends who've put up with my blog changes when I've decided to take a break - or in this case gone anonymous due to nervousness.

Another Bend in the Road has been finally anonymised, so if you're yearning for the good ol' days then pop over for a visit. What I want to do is move all the Another Bend in the Road posts over here OR move all these posts over there. Not sure what is best to do really. There are more posts over at ABITR so it would be more work to move them all over here, however, I realise my readers will have changed the links in their reader, etc. and I hate to start emailing everyone to say - yet again - that they have to change again.

I recently read a criticism of people who change their profiles/blogs a lot - my social media identity is just ruined I tell you, ruined! Plus, people get suspicious if you keep changing blog/profile/identity because they think you're up to something.

Lol, I guess I'm just fickle and like change...coupled with being a worrier well my blogs are just doomed! :)

I'm just blessed that y'all stick with me so faithfully with ne'er so much a word of criticism.


Edit to add: For readers who didn't know me from ye olde days of Another Bend in the Road, here's the original reason why I went anonymous and took my other blog private: Why the Title and Why the Anonymity
So you can see what the 'nervousness' I mentioned is all about. xxx


  1. Fairly new here and not sure what all that's about (being nervous and going anonymous?) but I certainly hope you don't disappear so I can't find you!
    Eve x

  2. Lol, I know my post was a bit garbled. I got a bit nervous a few months ago when someone commented on my old blog that they'd worked out where I live. So I took it private and set up this blog and stopped using my real name.

    I think I was being a little overly nervous because I'm sure that the commenter was just being friendly and chatty about where I live. But what with all the stories about blog 'trolls' and the dangers of revealing too much info on the internet perhaps I wasn't being overly nervous. So who knows. Don't worry I'm not going to delete this blog or anything.

    Hope that makes a little more sense!

  3. Sometimes it seems like you can't win. I appreciate the fact you want to protect your family. Do what you feel you have to; I will look until I find you. Don't want to loose you. God Bless

  4. Anon. Another Bend in the Road is an old blog of mine. This blog is a newer blog. I made Another Bend in the Road private for a while, but now that I have anonymised it I have made it public again.

    My husband and I have chatted about it, and I won't be going private or deleting this blog or disappearing. I'm just not sure which blog to have as my main blog now. :) I'll probably stay here.

  5. Doesn't matter to me which blog you use, just tell me which one and I'll be there. (o:

    Perhaps you could import your old one over here and mesh the two together?

  6. I hope that you stay where you are! I had a hard time finding you when you changed your title. I enjoy your blog and don!t want to lose you. Betty from Texas

  7. I hope that you stay where you are! I had a hard time finding you when you changed your title. I enjoy your blog and don!t want to lose you. Betty from Texas

  8. Thanks Michele and Betty, it's so nice to know people enjoy reading my little ol' blog. I think on reflection that it would be better to stay here and provide a link from Another Bend in the Road to here.