Sunday, 31 October 2010

Autumn activities and traditions

We made Autumn box gardens. It was Squidge who insisted we made these, she'd got the idea from one of her library books. Squidge and I had lots of fun collecting all the leaves and twigs and whatnot. Once Chatterbox saw Squidge's box she wanted to make one too!

Perhaps this will become a new autumn tradition.

Speaking of autumn traditions, when I was younger me and my mum used to make Jack O'Lanterns with swedes (no I don't mean Swedish people I mean rutabagas which are known as swedes (swedish turnip) over here!). This is the first year I've bought pumpkins. I thought they'd be solid like swedes, so I planned to make soup or whatever with the innards. So I was very surprised to find they are pretty much hollow! The Jack O'Lantern is a product of an old Irish folklore tale (well as far as I know it is!) :) In case you're wondering, I know the Jack O'Lantern is now associated with Halloween, but we just made these for fun.

Another Autumn tradition is the game of conkers. We collected loads after church from the horse chestnut tree across the road from church. It's very hard to collect conkers in heels! We used some to decorate the garden boxes and we saved some for the game. Hubs is going to get us some string.

Lovely and shiny aren't they? Horse chestnut isn't edible. You know I've never had sweet chestnut!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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