Saturday, 25 September 2010

Shakes fist at Blogger. Ah you will be the undoing of me Blogger indeed you will. Keep logging me out. Then I get error messages. It's soooo tedious.

I have an account at Wordpress that I set up quite a while ago. Been having a look at it. Wonder if I might just move over there? Meow

I dunno. I think even my most patient readers will become mutinous if I change blog address again.

LOL just got another error message. Grrrrrr.


  1. I'll follow you every time you move!

    Even if it was every day. (o:

    I LOVE the look of your Wordpress blog, it's so pretty. I tried Wordpress for a bit and had trouble figuring out how to work it. And it seems that the simple, free template didn't work well for customizing unless you already know html. That's why I didn't switch.

    Let us know what you decide. (o:

  2. Aw thanks! You are so sweet.

    p.s. 'Kitster' is a nickname I use for my cat. Although I chose the username last year so I can't entirely remember why I chose it.

  3. grr it took me three attempts to publish that comment...I wonder how many to publish this one? :) Error 503, I must look that up.