Sunday, 5 September 2010

Eagle Owl

Thanks for all your lovely comments on yesterday's post, it's so nice to know that people are still reading despite my lengthy absence.

The picture of the bird I posted was an Eagle Owl. We visited Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre which is situated in a walled garden in the grounds of Lowther Castle. We didn't visit the castle, as you can see from the website it's being renovated at the moment (take time to look at the photos and the progress being made, it's wonderful).

Both hubs, my mum and my youngest had an opportunity to hold the Eagle owl and to watch it fly. It really was wonderful to enjoy the ancient art of falconry, they behave almost like a dog with its master.

Such a beautiful creature.


  1. What a large and beautiful bird.

    I wish we had castles to visit in the United States!!