Sunday, 5 September 2010


I know, no blog posts for ages and then four come at once.

So I've just finished reading the delectable The Heart of the Family by Elizabeth Goudge sent to me by the lovely Dulce Domum. I was so excited but then disappointed that it wasn't as compelling as the wonderful Herb of Grace (or Pilgrims' Inn for my American pals). I put the book down for a week or two whilst I read In His Steps by Charles Sheldon (wonderful) and Suprised by the Power of the Spirit by Dr Jack Deere (wonderful, except I got a bit bored towards the end). Anyway, I re-picked up The Heart of the Family for my recent holiday and absolutely loved it. Elizabeth Goudge has a beautiful peaceful quality to her work and I love the way she gently explores the spiritual aspect of suffering and struggles. Home and family are wonderfully portrayed. The novels aren't fast-paced or dramatic but rather poetic and descriptive. If you enjoy that style of writing then I fully recommend these books.

My next Elizabeth Goudge book is The Scent of Water also sent by Dulce Domum.

I'm currently reading The Shack by William Paul Young, a very interesting book. A friend from church raved about the book, she claimed that everyone must read it. Another friend said, "Hmmmm". Our Pastor said that there was good aspects and dubious aspects to the book. So I had to read! :) It's certainly very different, the first few chapters are very engrossing. When Mack, the central character, finally meets God it isn't the most theologically sound description, but very lovely. I don't know I've not finished yet, so one must reserve judgement. So far I'd hazard to say don't base your doctrine on it, but approached for what it is - fiction from the imagination - it is a warm fuzzy read so far. Somehow a bit too warm and fuzzy. If you read the reviews on Amazon the book is quite controversial. I'll write more when I've finished the book. Watch this space...

Onto my eldest's books. Despite the fact I moaned about Enid Blyton in a previous post, I must say we really enjoyed The Island of Adventure and The Castle of Adventure. I think they were abridged, you know took out all the old fashioned non-p.c. language. We are now reading Five God Adventuring Again in an old 1950s hard back. It's quite simply delicious! The characters are so jolly hockey sticks and 'I say!'

It has fantastic pictures in too. Hubs complained about the old fashioned language. "Why do they keep saying, 'rather!' about everything?" I'm hooked. I want to buy all my books in their wonderful unabridged version.

So what for my youngest. Nothing new except What About Heaven? Which is a lovely book written in poetry. It has lots of scripturally based answers to questions children might ask about Heaven. At the end of book it covers the scriptures on which the poem is based. I enjoy reading it with her.

*Sigh* the girls go back to school tomorrow and I go back to work (only 2 hours a day, but still *sigh*). Don't know when I'll post again.

Pip, pip.


  1. A Scent of Water is one of my favourite Elizabeth Goudges. Enjoy!

    Have you read the My Naughty Little Sister books by Dorothy Edwards with your youngest? All three of my girls have loved them. Very gentle and old fashioned, but still appealing. (I possibly have the only 4 year old who still knows what a chimney sweep is, thanks to My Naughty Little Sister!)

  2. I haven't read those books, I'll add them to my wish-list.

    We've been thinking of getting our chimney swept and a wood burner fitted. My children will have direct chimney sweep experience! If we ever get around to it of course. :)

  3. I love Elizabeth Goudge, and am reading A Diary of Prayer and The Dean's Watch! Blessings to you this day! Janis @ Our Cross Stitching Home

  4. I detest The Shack. I think it is a dangerous book. And yes, I have read it and researched it thoroughly.

  5. Cross stitching home... - I am beginning to rather love Elizabeth Goudge myself!

    Melissa - it's a very controversial book. It certainly hasn't changed my view of God or anything. I will review it a little in a post at some point today. I'm interested to know your thoughts, what was it that you thought most dangerous?