Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Women's dignity

The French lower parliament has voted overwhelmingly to ban the burqa and niqab with eye covering. This will need to be ratified and is likely to take force in September. President Sarkozy apparently said that the burqa undermines women's dignity.

I'm not going to comment on the rights and wrongs of burqa wearing. But to say that I believe the biggest assault on women's dignity is how the media promotes women. Popstars, actresses, 'It-girls', television presenters, commonly dress in revealing clothing. How can we on one hand say that it is wrong that women wear burqas in public because it 'undermines their dignity' and then allow Katie Price aka 'Jordan' or Lady Gaga to dress in clothing so...inexplicably revealing? Is that dignified? No, it's women degrading themselves to earn money and gain fame. It isn't power, it's weakness. If you're going to ban burqa in the name of dignity, then you need to ban the hotpants, the cropped top, the low cut dress...I could go on.

I wouldn't want my daughters to wear a burqa, but equally I wouldn't want then to dress in clothing that degrades them to nothing more than 'eye candy' for the leering public, they are worth more than that. I want my daughters to be respected for their faith, their conduct, their hearts. I don't want them to attract men by being s*xy, that sort of attraction based relationship can never last because we all grow old and that sort of beauty fades (hence the desperate acts of famous women taking on more and more cosmetic surgery). It is inward beauty, dignity and respect that lasts. Then my daughters can feel peace about themselves because it doesn't matter what they look like, it's who they are that matters.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing,
But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.
Proverbs 31:30


  1. Dignity...I think you did a great job covering both sides of the dress issue...

  2. Amen from me too! Just found you via "All things bright and beautiful".

    Hello from Scotland! :)

  3. Thanks ladies. I really believe that if we are as a society going to have a discussion about whether burkhas (etc.) are dignified for women, then we need to look at the other end of the spectrum too.

    And hello to Tina in bonny Scotland, thanks for stopping by, it's always nice to get new commenters! :)