Sunday, 4 July 2010

Social Responsibility

Thanks so much for all your comments on my previous post and most of all for your prayers. As mothers it is good to pray and support one another.

I enjoyed reading your experiences and styles of parenting.

Dulce Domum mentioned that it raises social issues and issues for Christians. I've thought a great deal about this. For me, the deepest issue for Britain today is the lack of Christian faith. We are supposedly a Christian country, but with very little evidence of that. It is faith that makes us honest, kind and responsible when no-one can see because we know God sees everywhere. We are to love God and love our neighbour, and this ought to drive our lives.

Loving our neighbour; that brings me to social responsibility. In Britain today there is very little encouragement for people to be socially responsible. If we drop litter - someone will pick it up. If we slip on a patch of ice - the council will pay us compensation. We won't clear up the ice on the pavement in front of our houses, oh no, because if someone slips where we cleared up them they might sue us! If we swear who cares if we offend someone, what does that matter? If our children are naughty they shouldn't be disciplined - they're just 'expressing themselves', it's not their fault it's their environment, you can't discipline them that's against their human rights, if they never go to school or get a job that doesn't matter - have lots of babies, the state will support you forever. But don't actually raise those children in a strong, supportive family.

Community service is actually a punishment in this country, not something to be proud of! Can you believe that?


  1. The world has gone amok to be sure but we as a person don't need to follow. Be true to yourself and your beliefs. I help my neighbors and they help me.
    I suppose we are old school but right is right and that is what the Bible says to do.
    I have never seen the value of no discipline. I have told my grandkids if I want to spank them I will and if they want to call 911 I would dial it.
    Notice I didn't say a beating but correction never sent anyone to the hospital.

  2. Thanks Joyce, it is good when we have neighbours we can trust and rely upon if we need help.

  3. your comments on social responsibility remind me of the states too. :( It's really sad.