Monday, 5 July 2010

Happy Monday

Good morning.

Enough with my rants now! :) It's good to get something off one's chest isn't it? Despite my complaints about social responsibility and bully-children, I do love the area I live in (just not our street, ahem). We have the most beautiful countryside on our doorstep and the weather has (for round here) been gorgeous recently. It's also good to reassess where we are in our lives - count our blessings (to coin a bit of a cliché). What happened to my eldest, and then receiving your lovely comments has given me so much food for thought; to reassess where we are as a family. My two play together so nicely, and that is a real blessing. I do know some lovely families from school and church, so play-dates will be easy to set up.

Home should be a place of security and that's something beautiful to aim for. But the biggest blessing of all is our faith in Jesus Christ and I so want my girls to continue in their faith. In God's Kingdom there is no pain, no crying, just total beauty, love and peace.

You see, there may have been a little blip, but there's so much more to look forward to. Hope in Christ is the ultimate joy.


  1. A couple of things I should have added before my comment on your previous post ran out of space (!!!).

    First, the values you give your children will influence their choice of friends as they get older. That has certainly been my experience with my older two. Whether or not their friends are Christian (some are, most not) they are all nice kids.

    Second, playing out is only one aspect of giving children independence (which is probably what my long winded waffle was trying to indicate). There are lots of other ways to encourage them to be self-reliant, including, at the right time, being allowed to go places on their own (also things like using the cooker and kettle alone, managing their own money, and so on).

  2. Last night, C wanted to know why she had to keep confessing her sins after she gave her life to Jesus.

    I told her that when I married Daddy 18 years ago I told him I loved him. Should I stop doing it because we got married and I said it when I joined my life to his?

    She looked at me and said "But that's everyday life."

    Bingo!! We talked about it some more. I hope it made sense to her.

  3. From the pictures you've shown you live in a very beautiful place!

    And I loved your last sentence.....Hope in Christ is the ultimate joy. Amen!

  4. Bookworm - your comment wasn't waffle, I loved reading it. And I agree with you that there are so many different aspects to teaching our children self-reliance. And I totally agree, I believe that parents have more influence than anyone on their behaviour/beliefs - I have a vague recollection this is backed up by research.

    Melissa - that's a fantastic lesson; I feel like I've learned something through that too. Thanks.

    Michele - He is the reason for everything and our true Joy!