Saturday, 1 May 2010

They don't make adverts like they used to!

Angela's post about annoying adverts reminded me to post this video of an old Weetabix advert. I love it, they just don't make adverts like they used to. Funny ones are always the best!

and also this Hamlet Cigar advert of a man in a passport photo-booth (oh how I remember those horrid orange or blue curtains in the background):

But remember, smoking (as well as photo-booths) is BAD for your health!!


  1. that last one is pretty funny though. :)

  2. Took Me a minute adverts is advertisements :-)
    We call them commercials- My American self had never heard them called adverts.
    Very Cool.

  3. Cabcree - I love that old advert

    Deeny - I love those Brit/USA English differences - sometimes I do it on purpose, lol.