Saturday, 22 May 2010

Purses vs purses

In Britain, this is a purse - it holds money and is small enough to fit in your hand:

This, to us Brits, is a handbag:

However, from my intense research (i.e. watching American TV programmes) I have learned that in the USA, this is a purse:

So, my American blog-pals, what do you call the thing that holds money?

I just wondered.


  1. Here in America in the midwest usually we call it a purse. I do know some older ladies call it a handbag. I think it might be a generational thing. I am not a spring chicken in my ( whisper 40's). The small thing we call a "coin" purse.

  2. I call the small one a coin purse too. A lot of people I know call the large one a purse, but I've also heard it called a handbag. I don't use either. :) I carry what I call a wallet, but I think it really is a coin purse...should take a picture and show you

  3. I thought a coin purse was a pocket book? if not then what on earth is a pocket!!
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  4. Most people I know call the little one either a coin purse or a wallet if it holds all your other stuff too.

  5. The thing that holds money I've always called a wallet or a coin purse. The other is called a purse, or a handbag. (My grandmother called it a pocketbook.) It might depend on which part of the US you live in too. I've always loved how the same thing can be called by different names in different parts of the country.

  6. I second third and fourth what everyone else said

  7. LOL I'm laughing because when I came from South Africa I had the hardest time. Just like you we call the money one a purse and the big ones that hold everything, a handbag.

    Here in the the USA, the purse is a wallet and the handbag is a purse LOL

  8. I am from the south and a handbag was always called a pocketbook when I was growing up. I never got out of the habit and still say pocketbook. The smaller purse was called a change purse.

    Off subject - we also called the trunk of a car the boot just at the Brits do.


  9. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!