Thursday, 15 April 2010

Please pray

Lol I'm havin' a stress.

We have a viewer for our house on Saturday! Hurrah! However, I am out on a course for church that I can't really get out of because it's all arranged. Sasanfasanrasan! It's in Southport which is 50+ miles away so I can't really nip back during the lunch break or anything.

Hubs is visiting his father (biological father - it's complicated) who he hasn't seen since before Christmas - so it's pretty important that hubs visits with the girls. I can't get hold of hubs today because he's on a course and has switched his phone off and I'm havin' a stress.

Oh, and I'm ill with a horrid cold and have pulled a muscle in my stomach. How am I going to get the house ready?? Oh and the garden too, which needs the grass mowing and a general tidy-up!

So would you just pray. a) that we'd find a suitable time to please the buyers; b) that I'll manage to get the house and garden presentable; and most of all c) that I'll stop this silly stressing when God is in control! Oh and d) that the house will sell :)

Thank you so much, I realise this is a very tiny problem as problems go - I know I need to rest in God over it!

Update: My Granddad is feeling a lot better, however, he still needs a hospital appointment about the cancerous growth on his hand. Thank you so much for your prayers for him.


  1. Sarah, What will be- will be. God's in control.
    Glad your grandfather is doing better. Stressing out will not help. God Bless and (((hugs))).

  2. Joyce is right.
    It will work out for the best in the end - praying for you all - blessings xx

  3. Praying for you...try not to stress (though I know it's hard not to) is in God's hands and what is meant to be will happen. Take care of yourself, and feel better. ~Hugs~ xoxo