Friday, 9 April 2010

And there were lambs

Today's lamb spotting was a success. We saw a number of newly born lambs tottering about on their little spindly legs. We went for a walk with my mum and dad today up to the lake and across the fields to a local farm.

On the way we met hubs' dad on a walk with two of their foster children, which was a nice surprise. It has been a lovely day today, my only gripe was that my washing machine refused to open up and was flashing a fault number so I couldn't get my washing put outside [sasanfasanrasan!]. It eventually (after switching it off and on a few times - yes I'm a technician) allowed me to drain the water and open the door. I am praying that this is just a glitch and that we don't need a new one! So the washing is in my dryer - so much for saving on the electric.

As we approached a farm there was a young lad walking a large doberman dog grumbling something about farmers. Now I thought he said, "Gonna kill that farmer", but my dad reckons he said, "Grumpy old farmer" (let's hope so eh?!!). As he passed he let the dog off the leash. I reckon the farmer had told him off for having the dog off the leash - too right too with all those little lambs running around. I'm sure the farmer doesn't want them to be some dog's dinner.

We met the farmer further up, and we asked him about the lambs. The lambs were all between 48 hours and a week old. Most of his sheep had twins and one had quads but two had died over night because they were so small. Chatterbox would like a farm so she could keep sheep, but went off the idea when I told her what the lambs were reared for - to go with mint sauce! :)

Anyway, here are the pics from our walk:

Mum n' Dad and the kidlets

Baby lambs.

This lamb was looking for its mother, it was making quite a racket. Chatterbox got quite upset and worried. But sheep number 15 (its mother) wasn't far away.

A lovely day. I hope you've all had a great day too.


  1. Awww it looks like you had such a good day. I love the little lambs :)

  2. I grew up on a farm and always used to get the job of raising motherless lambs. Sheep have always been my favourite farm animal.

    Yes, I'd be happy to Facebook - I can't figure out a way to send a link or invite, but if you search for Kathryn Faulkner and then by place (Linslade) you should find me.

  3. We went to England and saw a lot of little lambs as we were going by train to a lot of places, including Bath and London.

  4. It looks like you have a fun walk with the family! Thank you for sharing all your the little lambs.