Thursday, 8 April 2010

A ramble and then a rambling post

We went for a little walk today with my mum to see if we could see any lambs on the local farms. There was only one and it was far away so I couldn't get a photo. Perhaps lambing is a little late because of the harsh winter we've had.

Here are some photos from our walk:

Boots follows me everywhere and rolls around wanting me to scratch her tummy.

Sploshing about in muddy puddles.

Through the railway underpass.

It's nice to get out in the fresh air. I was feeling a little groggy because I think I'm getting a cold. Good to blow the cobwebs off.

The girls are over at a friend's house playing for the time being, so before I make tea I thought I'd have a little bloggeroo.

Our house is up for sale again (again again) so, God willing, we will actually sell it this time! There is a house for sale next door to Mum and Dad's, we love the location, the house needs a little work (but then so does ours!). Here are the photos from the Estate Agents of our house:

Squidge bounced on her bed and messed it up just before the Estate Agent took this photo.

As you can see, gardening isn't my forte.

It's not a big house, we'd like a bit more space, but space costs lots of money! :)

Hubs would really like to live in the USA. When I said I liked the look of Colorado yesterday he was straight on the internet looking at houses! LOL. However, I can't see moving to the USA being feasible.

Hubs did apply once to see if he could get citizenship - his mother is American (but living over here) - but because he was born on British soil (albeit on an army base in Germany - he's a complicated chap) and because his mother hadn't lived in the USA for quite a few years he wouldn't have a chance. I don't really know what the process is for citizenship - but I would presume he would need a sponsor, a work visa (of some kind), a job, live there for a bit and then apply (??). I can't imagine it's an easy process.

I'm happy here. But for hubs, he's living in the village I grew up in, our kids go to the school I went to and we go to the church that I've belonged to since I was 4, so I totally understand that perhaps he doesn't feel as rooted as I do.

I wonder how I would feel if he did find a way to emigrate - I guess that's in God's hands! It would be an interesting adventure. Lol.

Anyway, I must go make tea. It's sausage, mash, broccoli and gravy tonight. The sausages sound very interesting - British pork with cheddar cheese and pickle. A taste sensation I'm sure.



  1. I've got the reverse citizenship issue - I would love to be able to have UK citizenship or would it be called EU now? My birth mother was German, and I was adopted by an American military man and his English wife (my Mum had joint UK/US citizenship). I'm thinking I should have made a choice when I was 21 - UK, US, or German (don't think the EU was a player back then). You used to be able to have UK/US dual citizenship but I don't think you can have US/UK, if you know what I mean? All I want is to be able to live in England in my golden years if it works out for us!

  2. Hubs' Mom has dual British/US passports. She was born in California and married an English man.

    It is still called British citizenship, but once you are a British citizen you can work anywhere in the EU (I think).

  3. Just to visit the UK would be good for me. :) I've never been. I've been to Germany, Italy and France, but not the UK. Some day. Some day.

  4. Hoping you find the Right House soon. The estate agent has done a good job with the pictures!

  5. Sarah, You had a nice walk- we had too much snow to have one today. Ginger doesn't go outside but wants to sit on a lap. That is if my great grands aren't here. She is so good at hiding and she goes high speed when she comes out of hiding.
    Have a great week end and start feeling well.
    (((hugs))) and God Bless

  6. Cabcree - yes visit the UK, it would be cool if you visited somewhere near me! :)

    Angela - thanks.

    Joyce - Lol Boots hates the snow and was so stressed out when it snowed so much in winter.


  7. Ok let's see if I can answer your citizenship question without confusing you and me LOL

    As you know I'm not American but I live here now. I have dual citizenship, Portuguese/South African.

    For you to move here you would have to enter the country on a work visa or an immigrant visa which would mean you would then get your Green Card, which is what I have.

    In order for me to become a US citizen, I have to wait 3 years after I have the Green Card (Permanent Residency) to then apply for citizenship.

    The thing is, they told me that if I decide to do that I have to give up both my Portuguese and South African citizenship and claim just the American and I'm not ready to do that.

    So that's that. Hope that explained a bit.


  8. Good luck with selling the house. Your gardening looks a lot like mine!

  9. Sandra - thanks for the info. I had a feeling that the process would be like that. Hubs is quite restless at the mo', he'd love to move to the USA. I also know he'd love to visit all his family in California. So perhaps we should save up for a holiday over there.

    Bookworm - lol gardening and me don't get on. If I plant pretty flowers they die. I do OK with container gardening (I have a few in the front).

  10. You have a cute house Sarah. I love the blue and white in your kitchen. I hope you will be able to sell it soon! Boots reminds me of our black cat Indy...he always wants his tummy scratched! :o)

  11. Your home looks *lovely*!

    Colorado and California are expensive places to live in the US but they're both quite beautiful. Of course by UK standards they may not be considered 'expensive'. (o: