Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Chinese Dragons

Chatterbox announced at 6.30 pm the other night, "Oh, by the way Mummy, I have to draw a large Chinese dragon for assembly and it has to be in tomorrow."

"How large!??"

Why do children leave things so late? Lol.

I think it was something to do with Chinese New Year - which may explain Chatterbox's questions about 'good luck'. I don't believe in 'good luck' and I explained why...I didn't realise the questions had probably sprung from the Chinese New Year 'luck' malarky.

Anyway, not wanting to be left out, Squidge decided to draw one too.

Squidge's dragon - reminds me a bit of a red godzilla.

Chatterbox's dragon

I said to her, "Where's his legs?"

"Chinese dragons don't have legs Mummy!"

I think they do, but I wasn't going to argue - lol. She was a bit miffed when the teacher thought she'd drawn a snake. :) Maybe I should have pressed the point about the legs!

Squidge's dragon had a baby.


  1. We are doing Chinese New Year next week - I have to wear red clothes for school

  2. Unfortunately Wifey it runs in the family... my Mom will tell you a few tale where I have left thing till the last second!!!! We have years of the ahead of us!!


  3. It is great to be able to see the wee ones art work.
    Great grandmas don't get to see it too often.

  4. Super pictures!

    Why does everything have to be done the night before? (Glad it's not just this house where we have last minute craft sessions - ha ha)

  5. Those are both great pics.

    I hear you though, everything is left until the last minute with these kids LOL


  6. Michele - thanks!

    Angela - yes, the Chinese like red don't they?

    Hubs - chuh, so it's your fault then? Lol.

    Joyce - I can't seem to throw any of it away! :)

    Cambridge Lady - children really do have no idea of urgency or time constraints! :)

    Sandra - it's the same the world round I think!