Sunday, 10 January 2010

Words, word, glorious words...

Slice of Life has just passed on a couple more words...

US English: hutch = British English: dresser (welsh dresser)

US English: credenza = British English: sideboard

That's funny. For me a hutch is something a rabbit lives in.

Has anyone got any more interesting transatlantic differences?


  1. Then there is Aussie.
    US Hutch = UK dresser = Oz Duchess
    I'm sure there are others but it is late and I can't think of them.

  2. one I learned recently was scoffing. I think of scoffing as jesting or making fun of, but I learned that it also means to eat voraciously. Someone said they were scoffing strawberries and it didn't make sense to me until I looked up the word. (did I share this already? lol)

  3. To me a 'dresser' is something you keep your folded clothing in.

    I don't call it a hutch either, I call it a china cabinet or an armoire (sp?)

    And I do use the term sideboard, not credenza.

    I love these language difference, so interesting!

  4. Al - A 'duchess'? I think I might have heard that before.

    Cabcree - yes, "She was so hungry, she scoffed the whole cake in one sitting!"

    Michele - I would call a table with a mirror and drawers in a bedroom a 'dressing table'. A dresser is a welsh dresser, which is like a sideboard with shelves and glass door cupboards above for storing crockery. The words that Slice of Life mentioned are perhaps only used in some States?


    It really must be hard work to learn English for non-English speakers when the English speaking countries often don't know what each other is talking about :)