Thursday, 28 January 2010

Word up

funny pictures of cats with captions

Ah the kitties, they never cease to amaze and amuse.

I no longer have angst [ahem]. However, I have come to a realisation and a decision. I, of course, will continue blogging (chuh, could the decision have been different really? ;)). But a leetle bit of 'wanting to be popular' had crept in. By this I mean that, in wanting more readers, I was watering things down a bit - so as not to offend. Well of course, I don't mean I am going to be all ranty, political and large and growly about what I believe/think. But neither do I want to water-down my faith for fear that someone might be offended or (even worse) NOT READ MY BLOG [sharp intake of breath] - because you know that would be just the end of the world. :)

So there'll be the usual mix of funny cat pictures, English-isms, daily chit-chat and (hopefully) some deep thinks too. I'm a mother, a wife, a daughter and crazy-cat owner - but most of all I am a Christian and it shapes my whole life, and I ought to be unapologetic about that.

BTW, do you like my new header? Lol, I love that picture of our cat. She's all fangs. The picture was taken of her looking up at a toy expectantly.

Big hugs. x


  1. Well, in my Alfazema blog I'm quite soft but in the other one, I don't care if people like it or not, I just say what I want.
    Be unapologetic, it's your blog, feel free to be you.

  2. I'm so glad you have peace and a clear direction for your blogging sweet Sarah.

    And I *love* the new simple look of your blog, with the lovely touches of pink. And I really like the new header too.....But I can't really say as I love that particular picture of your kitty---she looks like a vampire kitty to me. (o; LOL


  3. Thanks Alfazema. :)

    Hi Michele, lol, Boots has rather long fangs. When she lies on my lap with her chin lifted so that I'll scratch her throat her little teeth stick out. It's funny. :)

  4. you know...there are people who might not read because of your beliefs, but there might be some who even though they disagree with your beliefs will read anyway because they like that you are standing up for what you believe in. :) I'm glad you'll be around. although...I may not be able to catch up with all your posts next week. :)

  5. Hi Sarah,
    I'm so glad that you are continuing to blog! :o)

    And you should write whatever is on your heart on your blog.

    (I love the Chomp Sticks picture!)

    God bless...

  6. Cabcree & Susan, thanks! :)

  7. I think we have to be ourselves in what we write--perhaps not in an "in your face" way, but in a way that affirms who we are and what makes our life.
    Is your cat a Scottish Fold? I just posted pics of the feline who guards a local business--the only SF I've met in person.