Wednesday, 6 January 2010

We are most amused

I am a fan of these daft websites (Oddly Specific), it all began with lolcats and has extended to quite a few others. We are most amused.

Do you think it's Treebeard?

"I am an Ent!"

I bought hubs Treebeard for Christmas. It talks and scares the living daylights out of our cat.

I seriously lol'd and lol'd at this one. To put up a sign to tell people not to touch said sign is truly amazing and intriguing all at the same time.

The Magic Roundabout (click on image to get a better look). We Brits love our roundabouts, here is an artistic piece of urban planning. Mini-roundabouts forming one big roundabout. It's quite mystical in its madness.

Church Times

I remember once hubs missing an important council meeting at church because we went sledging...although we did genuinely forget.


  1. These made me chuckle...especially the sharp edges one! great post!

  2. yeah, the signs about not touching the edges...that's funny. :)

  3. LOL I am laughing here, these were so funny. The roundabout is just LOL

    And the sharp edges and your tree that scares the cat hahahahahahah

    I love you Sarah, you've always made me laugh.


  4. These are fabulous :o)

    I've never tackled the Magic Roundabout though my husband has - he says it's very "logical" - well I think it looks insane!

  5. These generated a definite LOL from me to be sure.

    The Magic Roundabout, according to Hubs The Wise, is the second worst junction in England, the worst being Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham. Just the thought of attempting it makes me quiver.

  6. Surely the sharp edges sign has to be a spoof. It is just too insane.

    We live quite near to the even more magical roundabout at Hemel Hempstead (six exits instead of the five in your picture). Poor dh, who has no sense of direction, is terrified of it. CambridgeLady's husband is right, though - they are logical, and once you grasp the logic easy enough to negotiate.

    I remember my mother getting lost at Spaghetti Junction many years ago, and finding herself well on the way to Wales instead of Buckinghamshire.