Saturday, 16 January 2010

Suggested places to donate to Haiti appeal

Haiti Tearfund Appeal

Oxfam Haiti Appeal


  1. Thanks for all your comments on my blog - as you will see, I published one, did not understand the second, and then the third came and it all made sense!!!
    You are so right about the insensitive, [and , I believe wrong] comments of those who claim the earthquake to be a 'judgement'
    God doesn't want critics, He wants people who will send blankets and compassion

  2. I know, doh, I wrote a long ranty comment, decided it was a little too long and ranty and deleted it. This was at midnight. By this morning I'd forgotten I'd deleted the comment. Hence my apology about a comment I never posted!

    I really shouldn't be blogging that late. :D

    I agree, God doesn't want critics but those who follow the example of His Son and go to the needy, the sick and the poor and offer the love of God in word and action.