Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Kitty vs. candle

"What in the wide world?"


"Not edible"

[Long pause for kitty-thinks - #background music#]

"Ok...I'm intrigued...Wonder what it feels like?"

"Just a little bat with the paw"


"Yep, definitely hot"

Please note no cats were harmed in the taking of these pictures!

You may be wondering why I've still got a Christmas decoration out? Yes my hubs was wondering that too. :)

It's going away today, I just love the spinney-candleness of it and have been resisting its return to the loft.

Hubs will of course have to do his manly duty and return all the decorations to the loft, I would do this myself, but as Michael McIntyre explains - the loft is a man's domain.

Plans for the day:

Take kids to school
2 loads of washing - almost complete
[pause for a quick interwebbing]
Clean fridge* - *didn't do yesterday
Clean kitchen and dining area
Clean hall floor
Wash bedding
Lie on floor in heap
Pull self together
Pick kids up from school


  1. Hilarious video! I can so relate to the Man Drawer - ours is a bit more of a Man Bin in the basement but I can guarantee you will find all sorts of outdated rubbish in there!

  2. I love Michael McIntyre's comedy, so funny.

  3. Those kitty pictures are GREAT! And I think you captured what she/he (I can't remember) was thinking perfectly. (o;

  4. My junk drawer is jealous of his man's drawer. So funny! Ginger investigates but she does it so fast I could never get such good pictures.
    Even with my son being here last weekend my christmas tree is still on the steps. I will have to get it from there.:(

  5. that was funny. :) my brother was mentioning on facebook yesterday that he needs to turn in his dude card because he's enjoying the new dishes his wife just bought too much. it was pretty funny too. anyway...

  6. Loved the video...too funny! I can totally relate to the loft! I am a "passer upper." :o)

    Such cute kitty pictures!! They just can't help being curious.

    You have a busy day planned. I'm very slow getting my day started today. I've been watching "Cash In The Attic." I need to turn it off, and start cleaning. I wasn't even going to turn on the computer this morning...well just to check email. Then Facebook, then my blog... :o) Must get off...houswork awaits!

  7. Did you get that "lie on floor in a heap" knocked off your list? Be sure to put it on tomorrow if not. ;)

    Nice pics of Boots!

  8. LOL your cat just cracks me up

  9. Michele - lol it's a she. The place we take her when we go on holiday thought she was a boy cat because she's so big.

    Joyce - Everyone must have a junk drawer! :)

    Cabcree - lol, they get a dude card? ;)

    Susan - you get Cash in the Attic over there? I'm a 'passer-upper' too.

    AnneC- Not enough lying around for me I'm afraid. And I thought being a mother was all Martinis and bon-bons. :)

    Sandra - I saw a funny Loldogs of a pug and I thought of you. I might post it soon.