Saturday, 30 January 2010

Happy Days

I just counted up what was left of our Christmas money. Out of the four of us I had £2 more than anyone else. So I jokingly said, "I'm the RICHEST!". To which Chatterbox replied, "It will be difficult for you to get into heaven then".


"But not impossible," I said. :)

For nothing is impossible for God, even for a smug Mummy who has £2 more than the rest of her family.

Speaking of interesting interpretation of scripture by young small-persons. Chatterbox has many times said, when she has come last in something or not won a game, "The first will be last and the last will be first. Therefore, I win!"

*Sigh* "That's not what that scripture means!" Grrrr. Lol.

The most lovely one was when Chatterbox said to me, "We have a King!". So I said, "No we have a Queen, Queen Elizabeth II".

"No Mummy! We have a King! KING JESUS!"

They never fail to make me smile (in between the regular parental "why are you not doing your homework?"-type frustrations).


  1. Sarah,
    Enjoy because you have started a journey that goes on for quite a few years. I am dealing with great grands now.I love being able to see just how much things change but stay the same from one generation to another. God bless you and your family.

  2. I love hearing the things that kids say. Adorable, just adorable! (o:

  3. that cracked me and John up what Chatterbox said. :)

  4. Kids remarks are wonderful. Mine used to leave the door open when I left the room. Once I yelled "Were you born in a barn?!!" and prompt came the reply "No Mummy, but Jesus was born in a stable!"
    x x x

  5. Children do say the sweetest things to touch our hearts! :o)