Monday, 7 December 2009

The danger of pink

My Dad rang me this evening. "Here's something to really wind you up. The PC thought police are now boycotting all stores that sell pink products to girls". And I was annoyed, I hate this kind of thing. Obviously a girl's liking of pink is going to destroy brain cells and turn them into marshmallows. SO NOT! [*with appropriate side-to-side finger waving and Egyptian style head manoeuvre*]

Is pink really so dangerous? Read here: Pinkstinks To me it's so ridiculously trite that I can't believe someone had the energy to actually get annoyed (unless you're me getting annoyed about them getting annoyed of course). If you don't like your children to have pink then don't buy it - but don't turn it into some kind of moral crusade - surely not! There are plenty of non-pink toys around.

One of my friends loves pink. In fact her Christmas tree is black with pink Disney princess baubles...I'm not sure what her husband's opinion is about this though! LOL I asked hubs for a pink tree, but he said no...

My girls love girly pink stuff (although Chatterbox is claims blue is her favourite colour now), but they also love animals and reading and playing out. Chatterbox wants to be a vet when she grows up and Squidge wants to be a butterfly (lol), so I don't think the pink has turned them into marshmallows. And baby girls do look soooo cute in pink.

Dear readers, were you into pink when you were children? Is it a modern phenomenon? What do you think of these kind of boycotts?

My favourite kind of pink is fuchsia.


  1. I can't remember if I liked pink when I was a kid, but I hate it now. Well, I'm getting better. It can be pretty in things. Flowers, for example. But I think if someone likes pink, so what? It's their choice. Nothing wrong with that. :) And it probably is a phase, but I can't help you with that. lol

  2. I never disliked pink but wasn't crazy about it until recently. I redecorated my other blog (Parlor and Kitchen Notes) in pink and find it such a soothing and calming color.

    I don't think I'd want to paint my walls pink but I do like pink in splashes around the room. (o:

  3. "gifts which emphasise being pretty and dainty could contribute to low self-esteem and eating disorders" - where do they get this load of utter rubbish?

    Pink is pink - it's a color for you to like or dislike. I don't particularly care for lime green but I'm not about to start a crusade saying that there will be dire consequences for those who do!

    I loved Sophia in pink when she was little - after all, she was an adorable little girl and I'm one of those who likes pink for girls and blue for boys. I have friends who did not like to be quite so gender-specific and dressed their boys in khaki, navy and burgundy and girls in a variety of colors. That's their choice.

    Sophia is not as enamored of pink now that she's a teenager - I guess it's girl-y when she wants to be young woman-y. Whatever! It all comes down to what's your flavor/color of the month and it's nobody's business but your own!

    I'll get off my soapbox now!

  4. P.S. I have to say that I love the pink collage you found!

  5. Sarah, Your girls are wearing pink boots in your picture. Are you supposed to take the boots off and let them get sick. STUPIDITY !!!!
    A color is not powerful enough to do anything to anyone when they live a" normal " life. About 65 years ago I received a large doll with a long PINK dress. I have manage to live and now have 7 great grand children. And I like blue for boys and pink for girls.

  6. Trying to kill something that relates to girls, to being girly and feminine is, maybe, one last breath of the dieing feminist movement. Not that to be feminine one must like pink but even so, some people doesn't like that a lot of woman are feminine.

  7. Cabcree - pink is certainly a matter of taste :)

    Michele - I don't think I'd like my walls pink either, but I do like pink here and there.

    Pamela - totally agree with you! :)

    Joyce - lol, there's nothing wrong with pink for everyone! :)

    Alfazema - I always wonder why being feminine is seen as a weakness, it can be such a strength.

    ~blessings to you all.

  8. My mother never liked pink, so I never had either pink clothes or toys as a child. I only discovered pink when I had my own daughters, and now it is one of my favourite colours. My 3yo is in a very pink stage, but that doesn't stop her liking lego and meccano. My 14yo is definitely no marshmallow type, but still likes pink - a pair of bright pink headphones for her iPod was on her Christmas list ;).

    So I'm with you. Hogwash! (Thinking of hogs - pigs are pink. Does that make them pretty and dainty?)

  9. Lol, cute pink dainty piggies, we should boycott them they are a danger to our girls.