Tuesday, 29 December 2009

International Ironing Champion

The trouble with Christmas is that housework piles up and nothing piles up more than laundry and ironing. I have been ironing, washing and drying clothes for England today to Olympic standard. I've done the majority of it, there are a few clothes that are still drying, but that shouldn't take me long tomorrow.

I've been watching Hamlet with David Tennant (he of Dr Who fame), it's rather good, before he was Dr Who he was a classical actor apparently. I'll hopefully finish watching it tomorrow. I'm recording Miss Potter right now, I haven't seen it before and one or two people have said it's good. I think Christmas has been very good for telly.

Next on the agenda - cleaning, but it can wait until tomorrow.


  1. I watched too much tv today. Several Simon and Simon shows, The Christmas Shoes, and Everything is Illuminated. Oi. Glad you caught up on laundry.

  2. I'm still watching too much TV LOL

    As for the Ironing Champion, I think I would be a good contender, I actually love ironing LOL

  3. I *LOVE* Miss Potter. And Lancashire is even mentioned in the movie.

    You'll have to be sure and tell me what you think of it.

  4. Cabcree - have you got square eyes now? Lol

    Sandra - lol, you should live near me so that I could pass my ironing onto you! :)

    Michele - yes I remember you saying it is a good film. Much of the Lake district is in the Palatine County of Lancashire - sort of the area west of Windermere. In 1974 it became part of the Administrative County of Cumbria. However, it is still part of the geographical county of Lancashire. Confused? Lol so is most of the UK.

  5. I'm very behind on laundry! I was going to catch up today, but my husband is sick with a cold, and is napping in the guest room...right next to the room with washer and dryer. I'll start it when he wakes up. Poor thing, he's miserable.

    I love Miss Potter! It's such a sweet movie...even my husband likes it. (He watched it with me the last time I saw it.)

    I also enjoyed your last post on Thomas Becket.