Saturday, 19 December 2009

I need to cull my book pile

Today I tidied and cleaned our bedroom. So that I could vacuum I piled up all the books I have next to my bed on my bedside table - the result was a rather dangerous leaning tower of books. Don't imagine for a moment I am reading all these books at the same time...but I am chopping and changing. Some are being read now, some are for reference and some are on my 'to read' list. I think I need to get myself some kind of basket or box or something next to the bed! It looks like a health and safety issue at the moment.

Books are (from bottom upwards):

  • Tolkein's Ring, David Day (library book, read)
  • Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version
  • My Dear Child, Colin Urquhart (dipping into now and then)
  • Holy Bible, King James Version (study Bible)
  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Douglas Adams (read for the zillionth time)
  • Some notes from church
  • Holy Bible, New International Version
  • Rough Guide to Ethical Living (library book, dipping into now and then)
  • Interlinear Greek/English New Testament Bible (KJV)
  • Life Application Study Bible, New International Version
  • Enquire Within Upon Everything (Mum's book, was her Auntie's, old book from 1930s, really interesting)
  • Slow March Through Hell, Douglas Swift (Soldier's Memoirs from WWII, Douglas Swift was in my Granddad's regiment - they were prisoners of war)
  • Home Hints and Tips, Rosamund Richardson (library book, natural tips for homekeeping)
  • Keeping Christ in Christmas, Steve Russo (book from church, has some great tips)
  • Longitude, Dava Sobel (my Dad's book, on my to read list)
  • Book of Common Prayer (Anglican)
  • The Herb of Grace, Elizabeth Goudge (wonderful book, lent to me by Dulce Domum, only one chapter to go!)
  • Short story of my Great Granddad's time in WWI, written by my Dad - really interesting.


  1. not like we need another basket or box!!!

  2. I put a basket next to my bed for books. Now it is full of finished and abandoned books and the books in progress are piling up on the bedside table again.

  3. ((Sarah)) ~ I didn't know you were blogging again! At least I don't think I knew. I've been in a bit of a muddle because I switched over to a different RSS reader (well am still switching really - see what I mean about muddled!).

    Regarding your very impressive book pile ... I cheat ... I use a bookcase as my side table! ;o)

    Hugs to you and yours. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. You know Sarah, I have a basket under my night table just for books I'm reading and it works quite well....but I do find that I still tend to overload it LOL


  5. Hubs - one can never have enough baskets!

    Bookworm - that is indeed what will probably happen!

    Jodi - so nice to 'see' you! Hope you're having a lovely Christmastime. A bookshelf would probably be a good idea!

    Sandra - I am sure that I will have an overflowing basket, books on the floor and on my bedside table! :)