Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas decorations...if you can make them out

I note that others share their Christmas decorations on their blogs and they look so pretty. I rather like mine, but I can never get a decent photo - causing my competitive blogger angst to rear its head (LOL). Here they are in various stages of darkness. Our living room is small so the majority of decorations are focused around the fireplace. To try to get the effect of the lights I covered the flash with blu-tack (if I switch off the flash the camera spends five minutes exposing to get more light and the picture is all wobbly)

Full blu-tack cover on flash.

Blu-tack slightly covering flash

No blu-tack. Note viking longship on right and Anglo-Saxon pottery on left (as created by Chatterbox).

Very dark Christmas tree - it looks pretty in real life I promise. As decorated by the smallests.

Nativity. Jesus, shepherds and wise men not yet arrived. Chatterbox lay Mary down so that she could get some rest (it's a long time to stand until the 25th for a pregnant lady)

Do you like my new blog theme? Very Christmassy, bring on the mince pies!


  1. :) Love the new blog layout! Yuor decorations are pretty...must admit I havent gotten all mine up...not sure tht I will :)

  2. my mom brought us a nativity scene from Israel. It is cool. It is made out of olive wood? Something like that.

  3. Your decorations are very pretty! As you know, I too, struggle with taking evening time pictures. (o;

    Oh and yes, I do very much like your new blog template. Very festive!


  4. Your decorations are pretty Sarah. I love the nativity...so sweet. And your tree, I love when the children decorate. Thank you for sharing them.

    Your blog background is very Christmassy! :o)

  5. yes, bery nice. I really like it.