Thursday, 10 December 2009

A sad and happy day

I attended a Requiem Mass today - my first. My Mum's neighbour died a couple of weeks ago. I've known him since I was a baby. He always remembered my birthday because he moved in next door to Mum and Dad the day I was born. The poor man died of a massive stroke as he made his supper and lay there for two days before he was discovered. Friends said they wondered why he hadn't attended certain meetings, another friend had rung and rung him on the phone. We were worried when we saw his curtains were still shut. But we just thought perhaps he had the flu and wouldn't want to be disturbed.

He was such a lovely man. So many will miss him. The church was pretty full and many from my Mum's street were there.

I was surprised at how much of the service I could follow as it was very similar to the Anglican service in many parts.

This evening we went to see Chatterbox in her Christmas show. It was frustrating because she is only little and being one of the singers it was hard to see her most of the time. But the few glimpses of her were lovely, she has such a beautiful smiley face. I do love her so.

This time of year is so busy with all the shows and concerts and plays and...LOL.

I've hurt my shoulder. I sit here with my sling on. I woke up three days ago lying on my side. As I turned over the sudden sharp pain in my right shoulder was awful. Since then I haven't been able to move my arm, I can bend it at the elbow but cannot move the shoulder. Getting dressed, even putting a coat on, is agony. I saw the doctor yesterday, but it wasn't my usual doctor but one of the others in the practice. He just gave me ibuprofen, said something like, "oh yes that looks painful" and "it's not a dislocation" and sent me on my way. The pain has got worse so I'm going to see my usual doctor tomorrow if she's not booked up. I just want something stronger so that I can get on with things! It's Christmas for goodness sake, one can't have just one arm at Christmas!! The good thing is I can still type if I just bend my elbow and don't move my arm, the bad news is it takes me hours to iron and vacuum left handed!! You might say that I should just give up, but we need clothes and we have a violently shedding Christmas tree and messy kids! :)

Hope you're all having a happy Advent.


  1. Ouch! I pray you recover quickly. It isn't the best time to be hurt.
    Glad you got to see wee one's program. Doesn't it make you proud to see her doing a program.
    It is sad when a friend dies but we can only hope and pray he knew Jesus and his Grace.

  2. I was wondering about the shoulder when I saw your comment on facebook. I hope it is better soon! I had frozen shoulder a couple years ago. But it isn't really painful...just can't move it where it needs to go.

  3. Oh Sarah,
    So sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope you will be able to get in to see your doctor. I fell a few years back, while decorating the Christmas tree, and fractured my elbow. So I wore a sling that Christmas too. It was on my right arm (I'm left handed) so I didn't miss work at the time, but I couldn't drive, and had to take the bus to work. I hope your shoulder isn't anything serious. (Praying for you.)

    I'm sorry to hear about your Mother's neighbor. Take care, and try to have a good weekend.

  4. Thank you ladies, my shoulder is still painful but a bit better.