Sunday, 29 November 2009

Some British English food names...

You know that I'm fascinated by language. The differences between American English and British English can be quite amusing. If I told you that I had a lovely drink of squash, would you know what I meant? Or would you think I was drinking marrow? :)

Hundreds and thousands

Swiss Roll




Ice lollies


Fairy cake



Biscuit (being dunked in a brew)

I find it interesting anyway!


  1. Loved this post, Sarah! Our chatter here at home is a Anglo-American jumble at times. I remember when someone asked what we had for dinner the night before and I replied, "Chips and gravy." They were picturing potato chips (crisps)covered in gravy!

    I met someone from England at a youth event last night and we had a lovely natter about all things English, especially Christmas foods.

  2. Thanks for this delicious bit of England you brought me.
    I miss it so much.

  3. When in canada, we can never find squash. they already have it premade, cordial an water. and charge a fortune for it.

    A bottle of ribena was the equivilant of £9! I nearly died.

    wouldnt dare try and take a bottle in. They are very careful on that front like in Australia.

    and the other one scones they seem to eat them with savory foods...

    I love this I could go on for hours.

    p.s. the word verification is
    Dialeg - nearly dialect!


  4. the language differences is interesting. I noticed a post by someone from the UK the other day that said "scoffing strawberries". lol...why is she making fun of strawberries? Then I looked it up. :) Ahhh...

  5. I find it fascinating too. I remember once on my old blog, mentioning the fact that I was knitting a jumper for my husband. I can only imagine what my American friends pictured....a jumper over there is what we would call a pinafore! Lol! :)