Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Shiver Me Timbers!

I am rarely surprised by the weather. And yet here I am talking about it. But I'm English. It's what I do...

Have you noticed the link to the Met Office Weather Warnings in my sidebar? And have you noticed that it keeps warning about extremely wet weather in the North West? Well durrr. Really it's a given. November + North West + Pennines = rain. Shocker.

However, we have had a few brisk storms recently. We've not been too bad, but apparently it's been pretty breezy down south: See here at Times Online (the comments are often amusing - I particularly like 'A storm? In November? What next?' Pretty much what I was thinking, but hey-ho if you have column inches to fill and one is British what else can one do but discuss the weather?). On one online newspaper article there was a photo of some chap at a beach flying supermanesque in the very strong wing blowing in off the briny waves.

An aside, here are some sea distress signals:

Distress signal = MAYDAY (from French venez m'aider 'come help me') denotes immediate danger of loss of life or vessel.

Urgency signal = PAN PAN (pronounced 'pon pon', from French panne, which generally refers to a mechanical breakdown or failure. As an aide mémoire manuals teach 'Possible Assistance Needed' as a way to remember the correct words to use). Denotes difficulties but not immediate danger to life or vessel.

Ahhahhaarr Jim-Lad, tha' durst not be wantin' to be droppin' down into Davy Jones' Locker now.

Yep, just finished watching a season of Deadliest Catch matey.

Have a grand day me hearties!


  1. I'm always talking about the weather too, in the Internet and out.

  2. It's an enduring interest of mine! :)