Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Mish Mash

I love this cartoon. In a facebook meme thing today the question was asked, 'Is the cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?'. For me it's either. Depends on what day it is. Perhaps I'm 'moody', lol.

Anyway, back to the weather. I think that perhaps I concede that the rain is getting a liiiitle too much. We have flooding in one of our local towns with the river overflowing onto the flood plains and even in our village, see here, here and here. The Lake District has had to shut a load of schools - it is now no longer known as The Lake District, but simply The Lake :)

My back garden is a quagmire and I think I need my TARDIS to escape THE FLOOD!!! You'll have to excuse me, I'm rather excited by the impending Dr Who episodes coming up at Christmas after watching The Waters of Mars the other day.

I've not been well with a tummy bug and then bad chest/head cold. So hopefully my posts will be a bit more organised and less 'bipolar' (lol) soon.


  1. with the tardis you can explore the stars. just don't go to Mars...don't know what might be in the water there. don't eat carrots either. :D

  2. okay, not that mars is a star...

  3. nor can you actually visit a star...I'd better stop now...

  4. I truly laughed out loud! :D

    As for carrots, I have some in the freezer...but am I safe to defrost?

  5. I'd say yes...he ate them fresh, didn't he? :D

  6. Yes, but equally the Martian 'virus' was hiding in the ice!! It's not the carrots but the freezer I should be concerned about.

  7. :::shiver::: Off to nuke my fridge...although it might be lead lined like in the Indiana Jones film.....argghhhhhh

    I need a lie down.

  8. We had a little too much rain here too but no floods, thanks God.
    Even me, who like so much the rain, was a bit afraid and hopping it would stop. It did and today is raining again - but softly.
    About the cartoon: so good! I understand it so well.