Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What I'm...

What I'm doing

Writing this post...of course :P ...but I have a pile of ironing behind me [lurking as only ironing can lurk]

What I'm eating


What I'm listening to

The dishwasher and hum of the computer

What I'm thinking about

That I need to guard my mouth. The scripture: Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips. Incline not my heart to any evil thing, to practise wicked works with men that work iniquity: and let me not eat of their dainties. Psalm 131:3-4. Is very apt.

Which reminds me, you know sometimes here in blogdom and especially on facebook people share toooo much. Some things are best kept private! I've seen some bloggers share far too much of their private life, then their private life fall apart. I just feel sorry for their families to have it all publicised like some kind of sordid newspaper serial.

What I'm reading

John's Gospel and Herb of Grace by Elizabeth Goudge - yes Dulce Domum I'm finally reading it!! Mum's gone off on holiday with the next installment of the Left Behind Series!! Lol.

What I'm looking forward to

Hubs coming home from church...and getting my ironing done (me not hubs...but he's welcome to do it for me if he wants!! ;) ) and eating more maltesers.

What I'm doing tomorrow

Cleaning, resting (I hope!) with my kitty on my knee and a lovely coffee, visiting Grandma - and taking my vacuum cleaner, lol hers burned out on Tuesday when I was vacuuming. The whole flat was filled with the delicate smell of burning rubber! I was very cross with Grandma...well as cross as you can be with a sweet tiny 90 year old lady (in fact not in the slightest cross...'frowny' would perhaps be a better description), she'd been trying to vacuum all by herself and her vacuum is very heavy!

Hope you've all had a great day!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I love reading posts like this! Have a lovely Thursday. :o)

  2. Hope you have a great day with Grandma. I had a couple of great grands at my house last weekend. I'm sure she loves your visits.

  3. Woman, it's about blinkin' time you started reading that book! I kid, I kid...who am I to tear you away from rapture related reading!

  4. Oh, I love, love, love The Herb of Grace ... one of my all time favourite books. I hope you are enjoying it.