Monday, 26 October 2009

Keeping Your Blog Secure

I thought this was interesting: Keeping Your Blog Secure.

Here's a quote:

"Over the years we've seen a number of third party scripts disguise themselves as helpful add-ons, when in fact they are performing a malicious operation behind the scenes. For example, a site counter widget may indeed be providing your blog with helpful tracking data, but at the same time may also be discreetly sending that information to advertisers for the purpose of collecting the online habits of your readers. A blog template you downloaded from a third party site might include pop-up ads or links to dangerous sites that install malware on visitor's computers." Keeping Your Blog Secure, Blogger Buzz

This might explain how a while ago a pornographic pop-up appeared on what seemed a fairly innocent Christian lady's wasn't one of my regular reads so I just quickly shut down and ran a virus check!


  1. google uses cookies I know to pop-up ads and suggestions. I kind of hate it actually. I mention something in my email and up pops up an ad regarding the same thing.

  2. We have a pop up blocker that some ads seem to be able to get around, it's really annoying.