Thursday, 8 October 2009

I love you dearest hubs

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. As you can see from our photo, we've been married for years! ;) Well perhaps not that long, 9 years really :)

We had a chippy tea and then hubs went to church...very romantic [ahem].

We were hoping to go out for a meal this weekend, but alas we cannot get babysitters. But never mind, we will ensure that we go out this month soon! We've haven't been out for a meal, or anything, without the girls (except for music group practise) for ages. But it will be achieved, I am determined!


  1. I thought that was what grandma's and grandpa's were for. :D lol. Have a fun time out!! And congrats...again. :)

  2. If you lived nearer I'd send you my very capable resident teenage babysitter. Happy anniversary :).

  3. Happy Anniversary! I have a babysitter for you but unfortunately, she would need a plane ticket!

  4. Thank you for your good wishes! And thank you for the offers of babysitters! I'll pop online and buy the plane/train tickets!! ;)

    My Mum and Dad are on holiday and hubster's Mom and Dad have three foster kids one of whom needs two people to manage. Our church friends are either on holiday, need to be home at night, etc. We have a babysitter tonight so that we can go to music group (I sing, hubs plays guitar), lol but that's not very romantic! ;)

    Our children are a couple of little treasures, and being a softie I don't like to leave them with babysitters too often - so half of me is pleased and half is frustrated because it would be lovely to have a night out with hubs. But as I said, we will get a night out soon.


  5. Congratulations! You'll get out for dinner soon, I'm sure. The DH takes a half day holiday when we need to go out, we have lunch together when the kids are at school - cheaper too!