Sunday, 4 October 2009

Happy birthday Grandma!

It was my Grandma's birthday on Thursday. So we went out for lunch together, Grandma, Mum and I. It was very nice, we met another friend there which was lovely.

Grandma does very well for 90. She doesn't go out on her own anymore because she's had a few bad falls. But she does all her own cooking, she showers herself (although we make sure someone is around when she does), she was even discovered mopping her own kitchen floor the other day! We had a scare on Tuesday when she ended up in hospital with chest pains but it turned out to be a stomach thing and not a heart thing, so we were relieved - praise Jesus! I was so worried, the tests took ages, Mum rang me at 11 am to say they were admitting Grandma but when it got to 4 o'clock and I hadn't heard anything I rang the hospital to find she'd just that very minute been discharged. All was well. Phew!

Today, after church, some family came round and we had a little birthday party at my Mum's for Grandma. It was great catching up with cousins I haven't seen for years! As we left Chatterbox said, "I love Grandma .....". Aww, so cute.

Today, Squidge and Chatterbox made themselves a Shield of faith, a Belt of truth, a Sword of the Spirit - the Word of God and a Helmet of salvation. Lol, the thing is most of the children at church then started play fighting with the swords, which isn't really the idea! :)

Here's Chatterbox modelling the sword and the helmet:

Edit to add: Chatterbox has just corrected me, she was learning about the Tower of Babel in her group today, the sword was Squidge's who has made two sets of helmets, swords, etc. in her younger group, and Chatterbox had just borrowed one of Squidge's sets. So I stand corrected! :)

Squidge has recently learned to ride her bike without stabilisers. She had also outgrown her old bike. So here she is riding her new bike, very pleased with herself she is! :)

Hope you all had a blessed weekend!


  1. Manny happy returns to your gran! Soon she'll have a letter from the queen!

  2. Happy birthday to your grandmother.

  3. How lovely still to have your Grandma, and that she is doing so well at 90.